October 07, 2016

Joining Apple

I’m happy to write (to the zero people who read this) that I’m leaving PARC and will be joining Apple as a Secure Transport Engineer on the CoreOS team. I’m tremendously excited for the opportunity to work some brilliant people on a team with a noticable impact on real-world security. I’m also extremely grateful for everything PARC has done for me in the past. I’ve been fortunate enough to conduct research and development simultaneously while finishing my PhD, I’ve travelled around the world to conferences and IETF gatherings, and I’ve met and befriended many people with whom I would have not previously known or contacted. I’ve also learned a great deal about the research and software development lifecycle from Glenn Scott, my manager at PARC. I’m eternally grateful for his mentorship as an engineer. I am proud of what I’ve accomplished while at PARC and I hope to carry these lessons with me into Apple. I’m also owe many thanks to Ersin Uzun, who is primarily responsible for bringing me to PARC in the first place. He has spent many hours as my mentor and research big brother – showing me the ropes and training me for a career in research. And these are just two of the many people with whom I’ve been fortunate enough to call my colleagues. Transitioning to Apple will be a challenge, but I think that with everything PARC has given and taught me, it’s something I’m well prepared to face.